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On-Demand Webinar - Navigating the Complexity of IoT Device Vulnerability: The Future State of Medical Device Security

IoT devices, specifically connected medical devices, are considered low-hanging fruit for attackers. They aren't protected by most commercial solutions, and they introduce supply chain risk due to embedded third-party software and firmware required for device performance. 

Yet, the shared responsibility of device security cannot fall squarely on the device manufacturers - it also falls on device users across vast healthcare systems to support the reduction of the software supply chain risk that can affect the entire ecosystem.   

Consider these factors:

  • Only 15% of embedded systems feature first-party code
  • 82% of healthcare security professionals have experienced an IoT-focused attack in the past 12 months 

Download this on-demand lively Health-ISAC panel discussion that addresses emerging challenges. You’ll hear from leaders in healthcare / OT security on:

  • The increasing adoption of the SBOM as the only way to continually reduce risk and promote software transparency
  • Heeding FDA guidance in implementing a Total Product Lifecycle (TPLC) approach to device security
  • Steps the industry can take today to foster better collaboration across the device-user ecosystem to improve cyber posture and reduce software supply chain risk 


Finite State's EVP of Marketing, Tom Bain, will host a panel discussion with H-ISAC's Director of Medical Device Security, Phil Englert, and Claroty's Global Head of Manufacturing Alliances, Steve Baum. They will examine the government’s increasing focus on medical device security and highlight the importance of being able to see inside the components that comprise the thousands of medical devices that our society depends on every day.

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