On Demand Webinar - Medical Device Cybersecurity: A Holistic Approach to Decrease Attack Surface & Improve Patient Safety

Where the FDA provides pre and post-market guidance for integrating cybersecurity to align to the multiple phases of securing medical devices, it has become essential for IoT / OT cyber practitioners to understand exactly how and when to mitigate software supply chain risk in a way that meets standards while enabling continuous visibility. 

But what’s the right path to take? How can you deliver software transparency in the same breath that you are taking a zero-trust approach? The digital transformation in how products are built, distributed and connected is producing gains in efficiency. However, this transformation also increases the number of network-connected devices, users and apps that attract the attention of bad actors and expand attack surfaces.

Just because a device manufacturer meets a set of criteria, does it ensure continuous protection from exploited vulnerabilities AND unauthorized access? 

Join us for an important panel discussion that will address the most critical cybersecurity topics including:  

  • How can organizations automate SBOMs through the full lifecycle?
  • How the roles of managing SBOMs and managing access points intersect today.
  • Where the creation, consumption and continuous assurance of SBOMs can support continuous software transparency. 
  • A position on who owns the cybersecurity liability at each step of a device’s lifecycle. 
  • How to use and interpret the FDA’s guidance on cybersecurity for medical devices from the experts: Will a required mandate happen and will it come from the FDA?

  • Phil Englert, Director of Medical Device Security, Health ISAC
  • Justin Heyl, Director, Enterprise Risk Management, Baxter International, Inc.
  • Tyler Gannon, VP, Product Marketing & Strategic Alliances, Device Authority
  • Larry Pesce, Sr. Research Analyst, Finite State
  • Moderator: Ethan Muntz, Strategic Threat Intelligence Analyst, Health ISAC

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